Shellyann Sooklal

PhD Fellow: 27-04-2015

M.Phil, The University Of The West Indies

B.Sc., The University Of The West Indies

Shellyann is a student at the University of the West Indies (UWI), pursuing her PhD degree in Computer Science, where the emphasis of her research is in Genomics. Shellyann is also currently teaching a Masters level course in Advanced Networking at UWI. Shellyann graduated with her Undergraduate degree at UWI in 2010, with first class honors and went on to build her professional career by working as a Software Developer at Medullan. Shellyann returned to UWI in 2012 where she pursued an MPhil in Computer Science, with her research focusing around diagnosing and rating Parkinson’s Tremors using the Kinect. Shellyann has worked as a tutor, teaching assistant, instructor and part-time lecturer at UWI, teaching a wide range of courses, including programming in C, Java, Android and game programming, Data Structures and Design and Analysis of Algorithms. She also managed level 3 projects and taught web development and database systems.

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