Inzamam Rahaman

MPhil Fellow: 16-11-2015

B.Sc., The University Of The West Indies

Inzamam Rahaman graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. During his penultimate year, he worked under the AgriNeTT project developing models for crop price prediction and developing web applications for agricultural data visualisation. For his undergraduate project, he adapted a VQ Index Based Steganography technique to an FPGA using VHDL. In the period immediately following his degree, he interned at the NASA Ames Research Centre developing geospatial web applications using NASA’s Web World Wind SDK. In addition to working as an MPhil Fellow of TTLAB, he is also a teaching assistant for the Department of Computing and Information Technology. His present areas of research interest are in Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, and Artifical Intelligence.