Nidia Sahjara-Rattan

Research Member: 18-05-2020

B.Sc., Computer Science – The University of Derby

Nidia obtained her BSc Computer Science from the University of Derby (1st Hons) where she started her machine learning research with political science applications. At present, she works as a Back-end Developer while continuing to pursue her NLP (Natural Language Processing) research with the goal of publication. Past experiences include business development in healthtech startups which played a significant role in expanding her mindset. She is due to start her postgraduate studies at Kings College London from the next academic year with a focus on Intelligence in the Faculty of War. On another note, during undergrad her extra-curricular activity of being a sponsored athlete allowed her to achieve the title of National IFBB Body-Fitness champion. In conjunction with her career path, her capacity extends into writing as she is currently a columnist for the Trinidad Guardian.