Nicholas Jacob

Undergraduate Intern: 23-01-2020

BSc., The University of the West Indies

Nicolas is a final year student pursuing a BSc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of the West Indies. His interest in applied mathematics lead him to begin pursuing actuarial science independently, currently, he has achieved passing grades in 3 of the professional examinations necessary for becoming an associate of the Society of Actuaries, and intends to go on to attain at least associateship, and hopefully even fellowship. He served as the project manager for the actuarial science club for the academic year 2019/2020 and also received the faculty prize for the best performance in mathematics of finance. Other areas of interest, though not exhaustive, include machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Greatest desire involves using mathematics to solve real interesting world problems. One of his favorite pastimes includes completing online courses in mathematics and computer science, among other disciplines, with the aim of increasing his arsenal of tools with which to solve problems.

Categories: Staff