Shastri Singh Doodnath

Data Scientist: 14-09-2021

B.Sc., The University Of The West Indies

Shastri is a graduate from the University Of The West Indies with a BSc Actuarial Science (First Class Honors) degree with a 4.17 GPA. He was also the recipient of the Bankers Association Of Trinidad and Tobago prize for the Best Year 2 Performance in Actuarial Science and is a Mathematics Open Scholarship winner from Presentation College San Fernando. He is proficient and knowledgeable in using Microsoft Excel and R programming, as well as, inspecting/transforming data, performing sensitivity analysis, observing trends and making statistical inferences. He also has interests in financial markets, analysis and investment. Shastri is currently employed as an Associate Professional at The University Of The West Indies as part of his obligatory service to the Government of The Republic of Trinidad And Tobago. He is also actively pursuing the ASA (Associate Of The Society Of Actuaries) designation and plans to venture into the field of data science and analytics.

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