Daniel Phillips

MSc Student: 05-03-2022


B.Sc., The University Of The West Indies

Daniel obtained his Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering with honors from the University of the West Indies. During the earlier part of his degree, he interned at Teleios and Digicel working on various projects. During his third year he interned at IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights in New York, USA. There he worked on projects involving AI and augmented reality. Upon completion of his internship, he published and presented his research project at the 2019 International Conference on AI and Mobile Services in San Diego, USA. Daniel has participated in a few competitions including Teleios Code Jam where his team won and the Bmobile Connect Coding Competition where his team placed second. After graduation Daniel worked at a startup on projects involving facial recognition, text extraction and facial comparison. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Data Science at the University of the West Indies and has hobbies including photography, traveling, and reading.