Mercedes Quammie

MSc. Student: 4-08-2022

B.Sc., University of South Florida

Mercedes has more than 8 years’ experience in research. A two-time national scholarship awardee, she completed her BSc. in Economics with a double major in Psychology at the University of South Florida in Tampa and her MSc. in Psychology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. During her studies, she conducted research in the areas of executive function and self-control as well as in refugee integration. Currently, she is a student of the MSc. in Data Science programme. She also works as an Educational Research Officer at the Ministry of Education where she analyses student performance data and conducts studies to identify factors contributing to student success. Her research interests include behavioural data science, decision-making, and the application of data science to human and social development. Apart from research, she speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys travelling and doing yoga in her spare time.