Ncholas Smith

Data Scientist Intern: 29-11-2023

B.Sc., The University of the West Indies

Nicholas Smith is a B.Sc. Computer Science (Special) student in his final year at the University of the West Indies. He enjoys searching for online AI/ML courses that provide a foundational understanding of various topics. After completing these online courses, he would work on side projects to put his skills and knowledge to the test. He has completed his own independent study in AI in addition to tertiary courses. As a result, he applied to two Udacity challenge courses in the field of machine learning and was chosen to participate in a Nanodegree program in Artificial Intelligence with Python, with the final project being the creation of an image classifier using neural networks. In addition to his coursework, he completed Andrew Ng’s machine learning course. He volunteered as a Mentor at WiDS Datathon 2023, where he gave an EDA tutorial and led a team to second place locally in the WiDS Climate Change challenge.