We provide interns to companies using a unique internship model. We have used this model with companies such as Guardian Group, FCIB, TSTT, MASSY, SAGICOR, BEACON as well as some foreign companies. In this model, the intern is paid a monthly stipend to work on a problem, which is determined jointly with the company, and produce a proof of concept or prototype. The intern is jointly supervised by company personnel and Professor Hosein and they also produce a conference or journal publication which, in some cases, they convert into their thesis. The peer-reviewed publication ensures that the work is of a high quality and that the company is not getting a trivial solution. The highlights of the model are:

  1. The intern is paid a monthly stipend (typically 10K per month) directly by the company.
  2. Prof. Hosein’s supervision is provided pro bono.
  3. The intern works part-time and, in most cases, remotely.
  4. The internship is typically 6 months in duration but may be extended.
  5. The problem must be of significant interest to the company (affects their bottom line).
  6. The work must require significant technical expertise (i.e., no trivial tasks).
  7. The intern is allowed to publish results without disclosing confidential information.
  8. All parties involved are included as authors on any publication.