Tamika Ramkissoon

Data Scientist Intern: 19-12-2023


B.Sc., The University of the West Indies

Tamika is a BSc Computer Science student at the University of the West Indies. Her research interests are at the intersection of recommendation systems and AI in healthcare. With a background in medicine, she aims to leverage her experience in data science to enhance how healthcare services are delivered. Passionate about deep learning, she has developed natural language processing (NLP) algorithms for detecting spelling discrepancies and a predictive model for cardiovascular disease. Her leadership roles, including Innovation Lead at Huawei’s Seed for the Future Programme and President of the University Computing Society, have sharpened her skills in driving technological advancement and promoting community engagement. As a Digital Product Manager at a healthcare startup, Tamika applies her data analysis and AI expertise to real-world problems, focusing on improving decision-making and healthcare outcomes. In her leisure time, she enjoys binge-watching supernatural shows and taking long walks amidst scenic natural surroundings.